Tanguy Detroz

A real flying pleasure!

I have had the privilege to fly with Joeri during my instrument flight training. Joeri is a pragmatic flight instructor with a lot of common sense: fly the machine first, then make sure you gradually understand what we are talking about; what is expected from you not only as a pilot in command, but also as a partner for the Air Traffic Controller.

Learning to fly in IFR is not only following new rules, it’s also about creating a trust relationship between the PIC and ATC. This involves a lot of skill and understanding.

Joeri takes the time to let you discover and “swallow” this whole new world to allow you, on a safe and sure manner, make the needed progress.

A real flying pleasure!

Hans Van Snick / Marnix Tahon

We are thankful towards Joeri for learning us as a CFII …

… all the knowledge and airmanship necessary to be successful in the world of instrument flying.

His personal approach, involvement, service and support are all reasons why we strongly recommend the FAA Air Academy for guiding you in getting your FAA IR.

Marc van de Wal

To date, Joeri’s tips and tricks still contribute to my flight safety every day!

I met Joeri years ago as a flying member at the RAAC, I experienced Joeri’s advance in flying from close by.

I soon found out he was cut out of the right wood, we started doing trips together, and put a lot of him up.
Later he became an instructor and I went to the USA with him to train with him. This was a fun and educational experience.

To date, Joeri’s tips and tricks still contribute to my flight safety every day!

Marc van de Wal

Vice President
Royal Circle of Mars and Mercury Belgium

Captain at sea

craM consult

Manfred Fahr

Thanks to Joeri, flying IFR became FUN and interesting

I am a pilot with a few thousand flying hours, operating mainly from Aachen airport. I fly all kinds of airplanes and experienced in aerobatics as well.

A few years back I decided to get my FAA instrument rating (IR). For me, flying IFR seemed quite a challenge. But when I got in touch with CFI Yuri Broothaerts, he guided me through the whole process and changed flying IFR for me into an interesting and fun experience.
The initial training started in Europe, and we completed the training in the US, where I eventually passed for the check ride.

Yuri is not only an efficient CFI, but he is also a great safety pilot and companion on flying trips, as I experienced on many occasions.

I can only advise Yuri as a fantastic CFI and a great private safety pilot.

Miguel van Hoof

I can only recommend Joeri to anyone as an instructor and private or safety pilot!

As owner and CEO of the company The Estate Development and Walter Van hoof Real Estate, Joeri got to know in the US, when we met at an airport. We have kept in touch, and once back in Belgium I started using his services.

I have relied on him many times as a private and safety pilot. Through weather and wind we have done many flights. The climax of all our flights was when we flew from Tanzania to Belgium with a single engine piston, what an adventure!

I have always experienced Joeri as someone one can count on, someone who thoroughly prepares and knows what he is doing. Under extreme circumstances, he keeps calm.

I can only recommend Joeri to anyone as an instructor and private or safety pilot!

Nico Debeuckelaere

I can highly recommend Joeri as a CFI and as a safety pilot.

Got to know Joeri during my flight training.
Together with Joeri I did many flight trips, as well as a training “bush pilot” in South Africa a few years ago.

I can highly recommend Joeri as a CFI and as a safety pilot.

Geoffrey Ejzenberg

Excellent Safety Pilot and private pilot

As manager of mining truck company ETF HOLDING BV, I have an incredibly busy agenda.
I have often served on Joeri as my private pilot and safety pilot,
so I can get on and as close to my destinations as efficiently as possible by plane.

I can only recommend Joeri, everything has always gone correctly.

Rune van Damme

An experience to remember, thanks to instructor Joeri!

Flying is a dream for many people, and certainly for me as a student and aspiring pilot. What an interesting world, that ‘flying world’!

My first flight was with a Cessna 172. It was an experience to remember.
Before I was going to fly with Joeri, checks had to be done: weather, condition of the plane, instruments, etc. Once finished, we could take off. First of all, I had to get used to flying, like the strange feeling that you’re off the ground and also the little steering corrections you need to master. Because with a plane you can’t handle it too brusquely, you have to keep steering very meticulous. But the moment when you take off at high speed and you feel the adrenaline coming up everywhere is truly golden and unforgettable!
But Joeri quickly familiarized me with this, and then we started doing touch and go’s. That’s landing and taking off right away without stopping. Another experience in itself, through which Joeri helped me through in a pleasant and safe way. After an hour and a half of fun with the plane it was time for a full stop.

An experience to remember, thanks to instructor Joeri!

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