Who am I?

Joeri Broothaerts

Glider and European Pilot Certificates

As a true enthusiast, bitten by the infamous flying bug, I started gliding about 20 years ago. In addition, I was also passionate about flight simulators. After gliding I first obtained my European pilot certificates.

My discovery of the FAA license

In time I met Wim van Genk, a very experienced flight instructor who was specialized in obtaining the American FAA licenses. After my first trip to the United States, I immediately had a taste for it. Very soon I started to understand that an FAA license is recognized worldwide and brings benefits and oppertunities.

In addition to my FAA CFI-I license, I also continue to gain experience

After obtaining my FAA CFI-I license, it took pleasure to pass on my knowledge and passion to others. At the same time, I also continued to invest in my own flying experience, ranging from mountain flying, to multiple bush pilot courses in Africa, to even obtaining my commercial licenses in South America (Colombia and Chile).

Layback teaching method

Today I have 4000 hours of flying experience, including many hours of teaching, many shorter missions with a lot of ‘workload’ in all kinds of circumstances. Thanks to all this experience, I gradually started to apply a ‘layback’ way of teaching, where I let the ‘student pilot’ discover and learn flying in a very relaxed and pleasant way.

Flexibility for those who want to finally realize the long-awaited dream

I am known for my great flexibility and so respond to individuals with a busy life. For whom school lessons are not an option, but for those where aviation still plays a central role. Obtaining that FAA license in a flexible way, I offer a great alternative to make that long-awaited dream come true.

Use it or loose it!

My own personal passion in aviation is flying the instrument. But even if you are a novice or an experienced pilot, under the motto ‘use it or loose it’, I am happy to welcome you to sharpen the knowledge together – as a team – and to always practice.

See you soon!


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