Why the FAA Air Academy?

What is the FAA Air Academy?

We are a flying school based at Antwerp Airport (ANT – EBAW).

Guiding you to obtain and renew your FAA License

As passionate aviation enthusiasts, our goal is to guide people into obtaining and renewing their U.S. license to fly, also known as the FAA License (the FAA, or the Federal Aviation Administration, is the agency of the U.S. Aviation Authorities).

Our courses are twofold: theory and practical

If you do not yet have an FAA license, you must first take your theoretical exam and then the practical exam.

We organize theory in one to one sessions as well as in group sessions.

We practice either on your own plane or in the Cirrus 20 .
We can give our lessons in cockpits equipped with analog ‘six-pack’ steam gates and with ultramodern glass-cockpit instruments. As long as you feel comfortable in your familiar flying environment, because that is very important to us.

Analog basic training on the Frasca 131 simulator

For every IFR training we always believe in an ‘analog’ basic start of about 5 hours on our vintage Frasca131 simulator , before evolving into your own cockpit, analog or EFIS . This is how we prepare you and familiarize you with unannounced ‘black screen’ breakdowns, so that these breakdowns will never surprise you in the future.

Why an FAA License in Europe?

Why getting an American license to fly in Europe?
Because the theory of US licenses is much more direct and much more practical, it is therefore easier for many of us to study .

Fun and interactive apps to study the FAA theory

There are plenty of apps that make it fun and interactive to master the FAA theory. And of course we would like to actively assist you with this. For many with a busy job or busy private life, this is the ideal solution to make that long-awaited dream come true!

Practical FAA flight exam possible in both the US or Europe

When the “Big Day” of the practical flying exam comes, there are two options: in the US or in Europe. In both cases we can provide assistance on site to guide you through the exam.

No surprises

All details are clearly discussed up front with you so that no surprises will occur. This way you can fully focus on your study material.

Make the dream come true and don’t wait until tomorrow

In short, if you have long thought about making that dream come true >>> contact us now and make it work, you will not regret it!

Get an FAA License in 4 steps

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